growRemotes summit

growRemotes summit

#growRemotes summit is the first event dedicated to remote work, digital nomad style, and the future of Bulgaria as a WFA destination. The venue brings together a community of like-minded people and remote-friendly brands who want to spread the digital nomad culture, share their inspiring stories, interact, and discuss how to position Bulgaria as the next hottest remote work destination.
Work from anywhere (WFA) is not a mirage anymore. This lifestyle and way of work are gaining traction by a growing number of people and companies worldwide. If ‘used’ and balanced properly, WFA can bring immense value to people’s productivity, motivation, personal and professional growth.
The first edition of growRemotes summit offers two inspiring afternoons covering a variety of hot topics, inspirational speakers, and insights from leaders, founders, and project managers who practice what they preach.


Apr 22 - 23 2021


2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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